Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am Halim and I am a web developer. I was not a student in computer science. In fact, I actually hold a degree in International Marketing (BA). However, I have been developing website since I was 17 and I keep on developing my website skills as years goes on. So since my experience and skills have made a strong portfolio over the years, I have been working as a web developer for almost 10 years.

When I started, I build websites in html, css, js and php. Most of the time I use php to create dynamic websites. As technology advances, I begin to use WordPress frameworks for my web development. In some cases, I still use custom php to build a website because in terms of SEO and configuration, WordPress requires a lot of setup, configuration and sometimes paid plugins. However, a self-created php websites enables you to build all that easily. In addition to that, you get to do more automations your own way – API integrations, creating webhooks and creating custom trackings.

Although self-coded websites is easier for functions building and SEO functionality, it is not simple for designing. WordPress offers great design capability and that is why WordPress is better for web development with marketing purpose.